Joy of Giving – 3rd Giveaway for November

A Shining Memory

December is just a few weeks away and I knew it was time to do the calendar page to finish off the 2015 with some sparkle.  Aluminum trees were a fad in the 60s and I remember my mother wanting to change out our usual evergreen for one.  Money my grandfather had given her for Christmas was spent on this trend that would bring her years of pleasure.

Since Christmas was my mother’s favorite holiday, I wanted to honor her memory and create my own version of an aluminum tree with the help of Silver Metallic Shimmer Sheets (SS0211) and my Holiday Evergreen (#1093) die.  I couldn’t replicate the “color wheel” that illuminated the colors on the branches, cut I could do the next best thing and trim them with Sticker Dots (#7018) in my favorite Red.  A few presents, pots of Poinsettias and a bough of evergreens completes this cozy scene.

For the third week of “Joy of Giving,” the giveaway will include: Graphic 45’s collection~”A Christmas Carol,” a sheet of 2016 Calendar Months (from Rosie’s Roadshow), a package of Elizabeth Craft Designs  Soft Finish 100lb cardstock (PSF102), my CountryScapes – Build A Snowman (1081) and CountryScapes – Clouds & Grass (1094) dies. Next month, we can start the new year with January’s calendar together.


To enter the giveaway…

  1. Comment on this post: What is your favorite Christmas/holiday memory?

The winner will be announced on Saturday, November 21st.

Let’s get started…

Step 1:

From 80lb cream cardstock, cut a 5 1/2” x 7 1/2” rectangle. Die cut Els Van de Burgt Studio – Tags & More 9/Sparkle (1077) from 4 1/4” x 7” rectangle of Soft Finish 100lb cardstock (PSF102). The corners are from Els van de Burgt Studio – Fitted Frames 1/Lace Rectangles (1061). The background papers for the wallpaper, flooring, and carpet are from G45’s “A Christmas Carol”/Solid & Patterns collection.


Die cut the following:

Click here for a helpful video on how to die cut.

Click here for a helpful video on how to die cut Shimmer Sheetz with the Metal Adaptor Plate

Stamp Rosie’s Roadshow carpet on G45’s pattern & solids paper and cut it out to placed under the tree. The December month sticker is also from Rosie’s Roadshow.

Step 2:

Assemble the card.

I chose not to back the Shimmer Sheetz with Clear Double Sided Adhesive since I wanted to “bend out” the boughs and give dimension to the tree. I simply used Beacon’s Zip Dry glue on the trunk of the trees to hold them together. Glue the tree in place on the calendar using the same glue. Add Glitter Dots in red (or your favorite color) to the branches.

Click here for a helpful video on Glitter Dots.


Helpful Videos:

Click here for a helpful video on how to die cut.

Click here for a helpful video on how to die cut Shimmer Sheetz with the Metal Adaptor Plate

Click here for a helpful video on Glitter Dots.

Click here for a helpful video on the mini Poinsettias

Click here for a helpful video on Susan’s Garden Club – Tools & Techniques.

41 thoughts on “Joy of Giving – 3rd Giveaway for November

  1. What an adorable card! so cozy and reminiscent of those aluminum trees I so admired at my friends’ homes. Our Christmas’ were usually home made – and I remember the Christmas when I was 3 – my mother made me a doll, my father made her a cradle. Her name was Lucinda. Dad made my brothers both miniature “Captain’s Chairs” and a new baby brother! Our family was complete…

    One other Christmas was memorable for the ‘joke’ gift I gave my mother. She had pined for a new slip (we were very, exceedingly poor), and I spent my baby-sitting money on 6 slips from J.C. Penney’s (in retrospect, they were pretty awful), and wrapped each one of them separately and in different size boxes. We all laughed so hard when she opened gift after gift, only to find a SLIP in each one. I had a weird sense of humor…

    Anyway, I would love to make a 2016 calendar with you and I’d love to win, even twice. Thanks for sharing your life with me…

  2. My favorite Christmas holiday memory is being with family on Christmas Eve. As a child, it was my grandparents’ house. Then it was my Mom’s house with my kids, her grandchildren. It was chaotic, exhausting but fun. We continue that tradition at my daughter’s in memory of my Mom, who loved Christmas.

  3. Was the year that my two brothers and I asked only for new bikes. As ours were lost in a fire. That Christmas morning we got up and all ran to the tree to see if we had our new bikes. There was only two boys bikes under the tree. Talk about being let down. After our tree we went to our grandparents trailer for their tree. I was feeling down and wasn’t really looking at the tree as we entered the living room. I sat there for a good ten or fififteen minutes not paying attention to what was going on. My grandmother asked me to go into the kitchen to get her a drink of water and I slowly walked to the kitchen with my chin dragging to the floor and wasn’t watching where I was going and walked right into something. I looked up and there was My new bike. I shouted and screamed, HE DIDN”T forget Me. There was a note on the bike telling me that there was’t enough room at our house to leave three bikes and left mine at my grandparents. The happiest Christmas ever as that is all the I wanted.

  4. One of my favorite Holiday memories came about because one of my 3 sisters could never wait until Christmas to open presents. She knew mom hid our presents in the attic so she climbed up there and found bags with each of our 4 names on them. My mom knew she did this. So that year the only thing that was in those bags were Bibles. Of course, on the big day there were lots of gifts under the tree! We have remembered and laughed about how devious she was that year almost every year since and still love to tell our grandchildren about it.

  5. To this day my family laughs about one Christmas where 2 of my brothers did not get any gifts from Santa because they were “that bad” all year!!! (Actually, my mom felt bad and couldn’t give them nothing, so they got a letter from Santa and each got an action figure and an outfit for the toy). A few years ago my mom found embroidered pillows (you know the small ones) the said “Santa I Can Explain”. So before the rest of the guests came my mom had them open them in front of our immediate family and we all had a good laugh!!! We will be laughing about that forever!!!

  6. One of my favorite memories is of many Christmas eves when we were little. My dad, us 4 girls and aunt and uncle would go for a car ride to look at Christmas lights. My mom was over at the neighbor’s having coffee. When we came back to the house, Santa had come!

    • Memories of a silver tree with turquoise ornaments and a revolving color wheel that lit up the tree. Sounds exactly like the one you had Susan. We begged mom and dad to bring back our green tree and when the aluminum trees went out of fashion we were happy to have our “real green one back.

  7. Stunning card! I love the tree, and the cute tree skirt and kitty too! I remember some Christmas Eves spent at my grandparent’s Victorian house in Santa Barbara. We went to midnight mass and it was exciting to get to stay up so late, and hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa!

  8. Christmas shopping with the snow falling, Christmas lights and decorations and the Christmas music being piped outside while we walked out in the cold from store to store.

  9. My favorite memory was when I was in 5th grade. Every year my mom had us look at things in the Spiegel catalog and make a list of what we might want Santa to bring. My brother and 4 sisters made huge lists. I knew we didn’t have too much money (and I knew who Santa was) so I tried to ask for only 2 or 3 things. I think I only asked for one thing that year. A Jon Gnagy drawing set. I loved watching Jon Gnagy’s Saturday morning TV drawing show. Christmas morning, there was a large package for me under the tree. I thought I would die of happiness. I found it to be a little advanced for me later, but I still remember how happy I was to get it. When I was an adult, my mom told me that she felt bad that I asked for so few things, so she always tried to get me what I wanted even if it was more expensive than my brother’s and sister’s toys. Wasn’t that sweet of her?

  10. Just found your blog! Love the
    way you made this sweet card.
    The tin tree is pretty. Every year
    on Christmas Eve, we would go
    to the church service and be
    given a candle that we lit before
    going outside. The goal was to
    make it to the car without the
    wind blowing it out! We had a
    lot of fun with it.
    Carla from Utah

  11. My favorite Christmas memory is with my family on Christmas Eve. In a darkened living room, my Dad, three sisters and myself would kneel before the manger – lit only by a single blue light, then we would hold hands and sing Silent Night.

  12. Wow! You are going to have a tough choice here! Loved reading all the Christmas memories from everyone! My favorite Christmas memories are of the whole family going over to my Grandparents house on Christmas Eve. It was such wonderful excitement! Aunts, Uncles, cousins…friends, everyone was family. All of us kids running around, the twinkling lights and shiny ornaments that hung from the cornice on the big picture window, the big tree with what seemed like 1000’s of presents. The house was filled with delicious smells from the kitchen, a fire burning in the fireplace, everyone dressed up fancy! After dinner we would all gather in the living room, Santa would come and we always had to sing a Christmas carol before he handed out the presents from under the tree! Grandma and Grandpa always made it so special! Warm cozy love, that’s what I remember most!

  13. I don’t really have any “favourite” Christmas/holiday memories! My father hardly had anything to do with us kids so it was left to my Mum. As there wasn’t much money we didn’t even get presents that often. It would be nice at almost 53 years old to make some happy memories rather than all of the bad ones, such as losing my older brother earlier this year and his wife not even having the decency to call our Mum and let her know he was admitted to the hospital in the first place! That is just the tip of that iceberg by the way!

  14. awesome gift!!! We would put the kids to bed , decorate the tree with my parents and in-laws then wake up the kids to open their presents that Santa had left….that was a tradition that my parents had always done when I was little!!!

  15. Your card is fabulous. My n’est memory is when I was 5 years old. We were waiting for some family members who were coming back from Christmas Eve mass. Suddenly my mother saw à man disguised as Santa Claus walking down the street. My uncle open the door and called : Santa Claus come here Chantal is waiting for you. And the man came and talk to me. I was so happy that I remember it like if it happened yesterday. Thank you for bringing this memory back.

  16. My favorite memory is going to Midnight Mass with my Dad. He sang in the choir so my brother and I got to see everything from the choir loft at the back of the church,very special memories.When we got home Santa had already visited our home so we got to see the gifts under the tree before Mom shoed us off to bed not waking up my little sisters.

  17. One of my best memory is the year that my brother and I got the Christmas tree. We where in our teens. We got the tree home and it was to tall. My brother was going to cut it down, yes he cut the top out!! Oh well we decorated it anyway, it was a beautiful tree.

    • I love decorating trees and have been a little sad we didn’t have one last year, or maybe even this year. You see, someone dropped kittens at our house and we have these three adorable, but very mischievous rascals that a tree wouldn’t survive. I have to think of creative ways to have some decorations up! Thank you for sharing your memory.

  18. Beautiful card. For Christmas Eve we always went out to look at the lights then when we came back Santa had been there. One year we came back to hear Uncle Charlie yelling “hurry you’ll miss him”. So we ran into the living room to see him sprawled on the floor with his arms outstretched through the door saying he just couldn’t hold Santa any longer. We ran outside to look for him but he was gone. It was so exciting and such a fun memory.

  19. DELIGHTFUL card, LOVE your tree … it reminds me of one we had for many, many years growing up!!!
    Please don’t include me in your giveaway Susan, I just wanted to comment on your card and share a memory with you. We have a hot summery Christmas here in Australia but every year the whole family would gather at my Grandparents place, where Grandma would prepare a “traditional” Christmas lunch, roast turkey, pork & crackle, ham, gravy, vegies, plum pudding, hot custard, whipped cream, Christmas cake, the LOT!!! This story is about the pudding. Grandma would prepare the pudding weeks in advance, so that it was full flavoured come Christmas Day. She had a very hot and stressful day getting everything prepared and cooked. With no room left on the wood fire stove, the pudding would be boiled for hours out on the veranda on an electric hot plate. Because it was outside, away from the action, Grandpa was given the task of keeping the pudding on the boil and keeping the water topped up. Well, one year he got distracted from his one task. Time for dessert came and Grandma grandly cut the strings and opened the cloth to reveal the pudding. As she went to cut it, she found that it was a stodgy mess … the water had gotten in!!! Needless to say, Grandpa never had to look after the pudding since that day but every year we would all remind him of that day 🙂

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