Beneath the Sea Music Box for Emmie

On February 5th, our granddaughter Emersyn (Emmie for short) will turn four years old.  She joined our family in April 2013 and we have been the luckiest family to have this sweet, sassy, funny, and full of joy child in our lives.


Last Halloween, she was “Ariel” from The Little Mermaid and said to me, “Mimi, I want to be a mermaid when I grow up!”  Well, who doesn’t?  Was it by coincidence–I think not–that Graphic 45 came out with a collection called Voyage Beneath the Sea at CHA in January for the project today.  Instead of a card, this music box, which plays “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” will certainly surprise my little mermaid in the making!


Step One

I covered one of Graphic 45’s Photo Boxes with two papers I chose from the collection. After measuring the pieces, I use YES glue and a rubber art trowel to apply them.  Allow the box to dry for 24 hours.  I used my Dremel Drill to create a hole in the bottom of the box to allow for the key to protrude, then I glue in the music box component.  After the music box dries (about 1 hour), add Graphic 45’s Claw Feet, using The Ultimate glue, which is best when metal (or plastic) is one of the surfaces being glued.  Finally, add the key.


Step Two

Die cut Garden Notes Queen Anne’s Lace–two of each size of the pieces that hold the flowerets; the flowerets (plate) 8 times;  the leaves, 2 of each, and one stamen.  I also die cut Joset Designs Large Shells and anchor from her Lighthouse set, Els van de Burgt Studio Chains 1 and Flora 1 from my CountryScapes.


Step Three

Create the Queen Anne’s Lace (YouTube video should be available shortly).  Place the Flowerets on a firm surface.  (I like to use an art gum eraser or carving block.)  Use the small ball stylus on the opposite end of the Leaf Tool to cup the piece.


I use ECD’s small tweezers to pick up this cupped floweret, dip it lightly into Beacon’s Kids Choice Glue! then, place it on one of the joints of the base.  Repeat two more times (each joint gets 3 flowerets.)


It’s helpful to use a toothpick in your opposite hand to help release the piece onto the base.

Step Four

Once all four bases have been filled and dried slightly, place the individual pieces on the molding pad and use the same small ball stylus to cup the center.  Use a toothpick to apply glue to the center of the underneath side of the base and start building the flower.



The flower is created right on the project!


(I also die cut two Garden Notes Cosmos to add to the bouquet and the YouTube videos will be up this week).

Step Five

Use a toothpick to lightly apply glue to the stamen, roll up and seal.  Spread the filaments slightly, then dip into the glue and Flower Soft/Sage.  Glue the stamen in the center of the flower.


Step Six

I used Ranger’s Distress Ink/Forest Green to shade the leaves.  Then, place the leaves on the Leaf Pad and use the Leaf Tool to create a stem.  Use tweezers to bend the leaves slightly, dip the stem end into the glue, and place underneath the flower.


Step Seven

For the seashells, I shaded the base pieces and die cut the outlines with Shimmer Sheets to correspond to the color.  I used foam tabs to adhere on the project.  I placed the chain and anchor on the box under the shells and a very curious crab–Sebastian, of course! I also, cut pieces from Flora 1, used a toothpick to apply glue on the branches and then dipped them into Prills to create the look of coral.


Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies:

Susan’s Garden Club

Garden Notes – Queen Anne’s Lace

Garden Notes – Cosmo

4pcs. All Metal Tool Set

 Molding Pad 

Leaf Pad 

CountryScapes – Country Flora 1

PanPastels, Set 1-#30115 and Set 3#30117

Els van de Burgt Studio

Stitched Squares

Chains 1

Joset Designs

Shells Large


Elizabeth Craft Designs

Shimmer Sheets

White Iris #SS0102

Orange Iris #SS0109,

Yellow Iris #SS0108,

Pink Iris #SS0104,

Turquoise Gemstone #SS 0217,

Bronze Metallic #SS0215

Clear Double Sided Adhesive #503

Soft Finish Cardstock 85 lb. paper #PSF101

Other Supplies

Beacon’s Kid Choice Glue!

YES! glue

Crafter’s Pick-The Ultimate glue

Graphic 45 “Voyage Beneath the Sea” Paper

Graphic 45 Photo Box 6″ x 6″/Black #45000983

Graphic 45 Claw Feet Antique Brass #4501027

USArtQuest Prills – Orange Juice #ANC819 (Set#3)* and Aqua Net #ANC316 (sold separately)

*coming soon to Elizabeth Craft Designs in 3 sets of 4 colors each.





5 thoughts on “Beneath the Sea Music Box for Emmie

  1. Oh Susan! Your little Grand is ADORABLE! Isn’t it wonderful to know that she can grow up to be anything she sets her heart to be. We learn so much from our children, and theirs. Thank you for sharing.

    • She is amazing! Started off in a orphanage with a 100 babies. She could barely sit up, but couldn’t walk even at 14 months. My incredible daughter researched what she needed and got her the therapists, including a nutritional therapist to teach her to eat. The love we have for her is unbelievable❣

  2. Your music box is si beautifull. Grandchildren are a blessing. They keep us young at heart. Thank you for sharing.

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