Winter~Day 4

I’m not a cold weather person, but I do appreciate winter as a time to rest and regroup.  I’ve put the garden “to bed,” mulching and dead-heading all the perennials, made notes in my journal as to what plants did well or were moved to another location, and break out my knitting and quilting projects!

“Winter is the time for comfort, for

good food and warmth, for the touch

of a friendly hand and for a talk beside

the fire; it is the time for home.”

~Edith Sitwell

My scene today reflects the sweetness of Winter; the smiling snowman built by your children, the critters changing to a wise old owl and a very sly fox, and in a good sense of humor, the sign changing to read “Gone South!”


Step One

I die cut the apple tree, twice, but no branches this times, from Soft Finish 85 lb. White card stock.  I added Clear Double sided adhesive to the center Stitched Oval so Silk Microfine Glitter/Warm Diamond could be applied to create snow.



The sky is a deeper blue with PanPastels/Phthalo Blue Shade from Set 3.

Step Two

For the Winter scene, I also die cut my CountryScapes Build-a-Snowman pieces, Critters 4/Owl, Critters 2/Fox, Backyard/ 3/Wreath, Backyard 4/Snow Mounds and Garden Notes/Holiday Holly & Berries.



The Snowman was die cut with Clear Double sided Adhesive on the front, as well as the back, so Silk Microfine Glitter would adhere to it.

Step Three

Assemble the Stitched Ovals as in Steps Two and Three from Spring~Day 1.  You will probably noticed, I changed the second largest Oval from Turquoise to Cornflower Blue to match the sky better.


Color the Apple Tree and assemble on the Oval, adding the tire swing.


Step Four

Color the Owl and Fox with a combination of Copic Markers and PanPastels.  Shade the sign and print “Gone South” with a UniBall black pen.  Assemble the Snowman and set in place the critters.

Step Five

I die cut CountryScapes Snow Mounds with Clear Double sided Adhesive on the front, applied Silk Microfine Glitter, then trimmed the long pieces to fit on the branches, even adding some in the center of the tire:-D

Step Six

I colored the wreath and then placed the mini Holly Leaves around, after adding a stem line with my Leaf Tool on the Leaf Pad.  A few Prills/Red is Right created the dimensional berries on the wreath.



As a gardener, I appreciate all the Seasons and how they mark our lives.  I still have plans to create a framed piece and check out the Give Away that goes with these Posts!


Susan’s Garden CountryScapes

Build-a-Snowman #1081

Backyard 2 #1010

Backyard 4 #1079

Critters 2 #1012

Critters 4 #1082

Garden Notes/Holiday Holly & Berries #1088

Silk Microfine Glitter/Warm Diamond #640

Premium Palette/Cornflower #PPC25*

*coming soon


Other Supplies

USArtQuest Prills/Red is Right

219 thoughts on “Winter~Day 4

  1. Not my favorite season but this card is GREAT! It captures the sparkle of fresh fallen snow, the cutest snowman and fox and lovely wreath. The white owl is super and I absolutely LOVE the sign — that’s exactly where we go at this time of year. LOVE, LOVE this card.

  2. This is so perfect for Winter! I’m not sure what my favorite is, the owl, the fox, or the glistening snow, the snowman or the sign that says “Gone South”. Which is where I’d like to be right now. All the season cards are fabulous. I don’t know how you think of every detail, but you do! Lots of apparent tedious, time consuming assembly with each one. But, you really can make the seasons come to life! Thank You for sharing your fabulous creations!

  3. I Love all 4 cards!! My absolute favourite is ‘Winter – Day Four’!!! I love this season because of how the pristine, white, glittery snow covers everything after a freshly fallen snowfall and makes everything sparkle. You can never have too much sparkle!! Another reason I love winter is because of my favourite holiday; Christmas!!!

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