A Simple Rose

IMG_2880Mother’s Day is just a few days away and a bouquet of Roses would make a beautiful card for her.  This is my Garden Notes~Rose 2, a low relief flower that is perfect for card making.  Even though I have a YouTube video for creating this flower, a follower emailed me and asked if I could explain the steps a little better…with photos.  So, here it is:

Step One

I die cut 2 stems, one in 80 lb. medium green and one in 80 or 100 lb. light green.  I also die cut the “plate” that contains the petals twice.

IMG_2855As you can see, I only need “double” the smaller petals and the extra larger petals can be set aside.  They aren’t needed.  I also decided to die cut my rose in ECD’s Soft Finish 85 lb. White Cardstock and color with Copic markers.

Step Two

I used Copic R29, R46, and R14 to shade the petals, but you could just as easily die cut the petals from colored 80 lb. card stock.

IMG_2856I use Beacon’s Zip Dry Glue to adhere the two stem pieces together.  Notice, I have removed the leaf on the light green stem so the leaf will not be too thick.




I also shade the leaf on the medium green stem and the two separate leaves with Ranger’s Distress Ink/Forest Moss.  Place the  leaves on the Leaf Pad and use the Leaf Tool from my set to add a stem line and veins to all of them.


Use a toothpick to apply a small amount of Kids Choice glue down the center of the stem, avoiding the leaf, and set in place on your project.



Step Three

Shape the 3-petal piece on the Molding Pad using the small Loop Tool, first on the wrong side, then turn the piece over and shape on the right side.

IMG_2863IMG_2864Finally, use the Small Ball Stylus (opposite end of the Leaf Tool) to cup the petal in the middle.This step adds to the dimension.


Step Four

Build the flower right on the project–setting in place the 3-petal piece.

IMG_2867Next you will add the bottom petal after shaping it on the Molding Pad using the Loop Tool.

IMG_2868Step Four

The “bud” is first shaped, using the Loop Tool on the Molding Pad, on the right side and then turned over to shape on the wrong side.  Grasp one side of the bud using the reverse tweezers and roll towards the other end.  Apply a small amount of glue with a toothpick and adhere the rolled shape.  Use your tweezers once again to roll down the edges so the bud appears slightly open.IMG_2869IMG_2870IMG_2871IMG_2873Dip the bottom of the bud into the glue and adhere to the center of the flower.

IMG_2874Step Five

Next, place the six smaller petals on the Molding Pad and use the Loop Tool to shape them.  Pinch the stem end with the tweezers and slightly bend down the outer edge of the petal.  Dip the stem end into the glue and start adding petals, first around the bud, then fill in where there is a space to finish.


The bud is done the same way as the main flower bud is done, then I added the two smaller petals around it.  Add the two extra leaves around the flower.


One single rose or a bouquet…This is definitely a Mother’s Day flower to make!

Elizabeth Craft Designs Products

Susan’s Garden Notes – Rose 2 #998

Tool Kit #808

Molding Pad #809

Leaf Pad #811

Els van de Burgt Studio

Fitted Frames 3 Curvy Rectangles #1063

Stitched Rectangles #1120

Soft Finished White 85 lb. Cardstock #PSF101

Beacon’s Kid Choice Glue and Zip Dry Glue

Other Supplies

Copic Markers, R46, R29, R14

Ranger Distress Ink/Forest Moss



9 thoughts on “A Simple Rose

  1. Beautiful, elegant card Susan! My mom would be pleased if I handed it to her!
    Thank you for the inspiration! Also I like it when u tell us how many times to cut a die for the results u have received. ( I like to cut all of my pieces at one time, then then no interruptions (we’ll sort of!).

  2. Thank you Susan for this well written and easy to understand tutorial. This is such a lovely rose.

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