A White Sport Coat…and a Pink Carnation

IMG_2937The title of my post today comes from a Marty Robbin’s song ~ “A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation.” (You can listen to the words by clicking on the link!)  It’s a song of a young man dressed up for the dance, but his date, whom he asked long ago to go to the prom, changes her mind and now he’s blue.

During the month of May, I’m sure there are lots of young people preparing for this big dance.  Do you remember your first Prom?  I do.  I made my dress, white Dotted Swiss covered with flowers (yes, I was a flower nerd back then too!)  I had my hair done in French Curls and my date brought me a corsage with pink carnations.  The card I designed today, brings back that memory.  I used Elizabeth Craft Designs “Lots of Dots” embossing folder on Soft Finish White 100 lb. card stock (for my Dotted Swiss dress) and Els van de Burgt Studio “Bead Strings 2” die cut in the same card stock, then shaded with Distress Inks to represent crepe paper streamers that we decorated the gymnasium with.  A few Robin’s Nest “Drops” of pink adds the sparkle that the night held…and then, there’s the Pink Carnation, one of my new Garden Notes that will be available shortly.  I’ve stepped out how easy it is to put this flower together and hope you find some inspiration to make some memories of your first dance.


Step One


I die cut each of the petal sections twice, for the Carnation, in a duo color Mulberry Paper that I’ve had for a while.  I’m not sure if it’s still available, but a 80 lb  card stock in Pink will work just as well.  I also die cut the stem twice, one in a 80 lb. medium green card stock and one in a 100 lb card stock (lighter green) to add stability.  Also, I die cut the leaves twice in the same medium green card stock.  I chose Colored Smooth Finished card stock in Perfect Pink for the 6″ x 6″ square card and I used Smooth Finished White 100 lb card stock to cut the 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ square to emboss and to die cut the Dotted Scallop that shows off the Carnation and the Bead Strings for the streamers.

Step Two

I assembled the card, then used Distress Ink in Worn Lipstick and Spun Sugar to dab on the Bead Strings (streamers).


Add the streamers to the card, then shade the Dotted Scallop with the Worn Lipstick and adhere to the card.


Step Three

Assembling the Carnation. First, adhere the two stem pieces together using Beacon’s Zip Dry glue. This glue dries quickly and there’s little wait time.  Next, I place the stem, right-side-down on the Molding Pad and used the medium ball Stylus to shape the “calyx” of the stem; gives the shape to create a natural looking flower.



Adhere the stem to the card–I build the Garden Notes directly on the card–this is a timesaver!


Step Four

I decided to use the lighter side of the paper and shade the edges with Distress Ink/Worn Lipstick.  Place the larger pieces on the Molding Pad and use the small end of the Loop Tool to shape the edges.



Turn the petal piece over, with the right-side-up, and add some shading to the center, using PanPastels/Magenta.  Then, shape the rest of the petal piece, using the same small Loop Tool.



I also use my tweezers to pinch the stem end of each petal, then, the small ball Stylus (opposite the Leaf Tool) to cup the center.



Apply a small amount of glue, using a toothpick, to the center of the wrong side of the petal piece and adhere it to the top of the stem.

IMG_2930Repeat these steps with all the petal pieces, working from the largest to the smallest and off setting the petals,to build the flower.




I recommend you use your fingers to ‘scrunch” the last two smallest petals and place them side-by-side in the center to get the look a natural carnation has.

Step Five

The leaves, which have been shaded on the ends with Distress Ink/Forest Moss, are simply placed on the Leaf Pad and using the Leaf Tool, score a line down the center to replicate a stem line.


Use your tweezers to bend the leaf and give it shape.  Then dip the “stem” end into the Beacon’s Kid’s Choice glue and set in place on the flower.

Now you’re ready for those Prom memories!


Susan’s Garden/Garden Notes – Carnation (#1191)

Tool Kit (#800)

Molding Pad (#810)

Leaf Pad (#811)

Pan Pastels/Set 1 (#30115)

Els van de Burgt Studio –

Bead Strings 2 (#1169)

Dotted Scallop (#1172)

Soft Finish Card stock/Perfect Pink (PSF123)

Soft Finish Cardstock/White 100 lb. (#PSF102)

Lots of Dots embossing folder (#E114)

Beacon’s Kid Choice Glue and Zip Dry Glue

Other Supplies

Ranger’s Distress Ink–Worn Lipstick, Spun Sugar and Forest Moss

5 thoughts on “A White Sport Coat…and a Pink Carnation

  1. Oh Susan, this is so pretty. You made me fondly remember my first Prom! Thank you for sharing and taking me back to my teens!

  2. This is such an elegant card. Love this carnation it looks so real I want to smell it lol tfs.

  3. Susan this is so realistic and lovely. Thank you for sharing another of your easy to understand and follow tutorials. They are always such a tremendous help. I can hardly wait for the next release of Spring 2016!!!

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