Technique Tuesday–Creating the Spiral Rose


img_2150Whether you’re doing the Rose Hedge or the Rose Vine, the spiral rose is the easiest flower you’ll ever do!  I had a request to step out this rose, so LET’S GET STARTED!

Step One

img_3419This is the rose from the Rose Hedge.  Each bush will probably hold about 3-4 roses in addition to the leaves, which also are included.

Step Two

With the Reverse tweezers, that come in the Tool Kit, grasp the inside projection.


Step Three

Now start to roll towards the other end.  Stop rolling when you have about 1/4-inch left.


Step Four

Use a toothpick and apply a small amount of Beacon’s Kids Choice glue to the unrolled end of the rose.  Roll the rose closed and hold with the index finger and thumb of your opposite hand a few seconds to allow the glue to set.


That’s it!  All you need to do is use ECD’s small tweezers to hold the petal end, dip or use a toothpick to apply glue to the bottom of the Rose and set in place on the Hedge or Vine!


Add a few leaves and you have a finished Rose Hedge or Vine!

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supplies

Susan’s Garden/CountryScapes – Rose Hedge (#1196) and Flora 5/Rose Vine (#1130) 

Tool Kit (#808)

Beacon’s Kids Choice Glue

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