Rose 3…a new look

In my latest release, I decided to revamp some of the old favorites and improve upon the technique and size to make them more compatible to my other flowers.  Rose 3 is one of those improvements.  You can always refer to my YouTube video on Rose 2, for basic techniques (i.e., shaping, pinching, bending, etc.), but until I do a new video, I’ve stepped out how I make this Rose and even a bud.

As you will see, it sets next to another new die, Garden Notes Fairy~Rose Petal.  Check out all the new releases at Elizabeth Craft Designs…there’s some pretty amazing designs.


Step One

The die set includes everything you to create the flower.  I chose to die cut the petals from Soft Finish 85 lb. card stock and shade the ends with Distress Ink/Spun Sugar.  You will notice there are two stems cut and that is because I like to “double up” on the stem to give it some dimension.


I use Beacon’s Zip Dry glue to run a bead down the (lighter green) stem.  Then, set the darker green stem on top.  The glue dries quickly!  I shade the stem and the leaves with some Distress Ink/Forest Moss.



Use a toothpick with Beacon’s Kids Choice glue on the back of the stem and set in place directly on your project.  (Garden Notes flowers are always constructed right on your project.) To create this card, I used Els van de Burgt Studio Dotted Scallop Ovals, Corners 1 and ModaScrap Lace Heart, then I colored my Fairy and placed her on the card.  The Rose stem was set in place.


Step Two

Place the “2-petal” piece on the Molding Mat and use the Small Loop tool to shape.  Next, I use my tweezers and pinch through the center.  Use your thumb and index finger on your opposite hand to hold this pinch, while you release the tweezers.  Continue to hold the “pinch” and use the tweezers to bend the edges of each petal downward.  Finally, place this piece back on the Molding Mat and use the Small Ball Stylus to cup the center.

img_4173 img_4174 img_4175 img_4176 img_4178 img_4179

Use a toothpick to apply glue to the underside of the center and adhere it to the top of the stem (calyx).


Step Three

The next 2-petal piece is larger and shaping it is a little different.  Place this piece right-side down on the Molding Mat and using the Small Ball Stylus, shape just the outer edges of the petal (both ends).  Next, turn the piece over and shape the remaining petal, starting below where you shaped on the wrong side.

img_4181 img_4182

Repeat the pinching and bending techniques as you did above.  Then, place back on the Molding Mat and cup the center.  Use a toothpick to add glue to the underside center, then, adhere it to the flower–larger shape goes at the top.

img_4184 img_4185 img_4187

Step Four

The Bud is the center and is created next so the remaining six single petals can be built around it.Place the bud on the Molding Mat, right-side up, and shape it using the Small Loop tool.  Turn it over, with wrong side up, and repeat the same shaping.  

img_4189 img_4190

With the bud upside down, use the tweezers to grasp the right side and roll towards the other side.  Use a toothpick to apply a small amount of glue at the “stem” end and roll the shape closed.  Slide the tweezers out, holding onto the rolled bud with your opposite thumb and index finger.

img_4192 img_4193

Use your tweezers to bend out the bud edges, slightly.


You can dip the stem end of the bud into the glue and set it in place in the center of the petals. I prefer my bud to lean slightly towards the back petal rather than stand erect.


Step Five

Place the remaining 6 petals on the Molding Mat and shape, pinch, and bend each one.

img_4197 img_4198 img_4199

Build the rose from the center outward with these petals.

img_4200 img_4202

If you want to add a “new bud” to the side of your stem.  Die cut the bud and 3 petals. Repeat the techniques used above. I use a toothpick to apply a small amount of glue to the inside of the stem end of the petal to construct this bud.

img_4208 img_4211 img_4210 img_4209 img_4212

Step Six

Leaves are shaded with Distress Ink/Mossy Green, then use the Leaf Tool with the piece, right side down, on the Leaf Pad and stem.  Turn over and bend along that stem line and shade with PanPastel/Bright Yellow Green.  Place back on the Leaf Pad and use the Leaf Tool to create veins. Pinch the stem end and bend down on the Leaf; dip stem end into the glue and set on the stem.

img_4169 img_4170

I created the Fairies “tutu” using the same techniques for those petals as I did for the Rose.  Her wings are die cut in Shimmer Sheetz.

I love making these Roses and hope you will too.  Remember, if you have any problems, you can email or IM me on Facebook and I promise to answer all your questions.  Happy Gardening!


Susan’s Garden~Garden Notes Rose 3 (#1295) and Garden Fairy/Rose Petal (#1290)

Els van de Burgt Studio Dotted Scallop Ovals (#1173) and Corners 1 (#1124)

ModaScrap Lace Heart (#1313)

Tool Kit (#808)

Molding Mat (#809)

Leaf Pad (#811)

PanPastels/Set 1 (#30115)

Soft Finish 85 lb card stock (#PSF101)

Clear Double sided adhesive (#506)

Beacons Kids Choice Glue

Other Supplies:

Ranger Distress Ink/Forest Moss and Spun Sugar

Beacons Zip Dry Glue

Tulip Bouquet for Chinese New Year


“Gung Hey Fat Choy!”  On January 28th starts the celebration of Chinese New Year.  In our family, we celebrate this special time with the addition of our granddaughters.


This holiday has given us the opportunity to learn about this celebration and how “family-oriented” it is, which is what I’ve always been about.  This year is the Year of the Fire Rooster and I have chosen my new Garden Notes Tulip (2) to fill my Pottery Pitcher with a lovely bouquet.  A Leafy Branch (5) is by a new artist with Elizabeth Craft Designs, “Moda Scrap” is perfect as a filler.  I chose Suzanne Cannon’s “Peace” to make this my wish for everyone.


Step One

I cut a 6″ x 6″ card in Lady Bug Red/Soft Finish 100 lb. card stock.  The next layer is trimmed to a 5 1/2″  square and embossed with Bamboo.  Next, I die cut Els van de Burgt Studio Corners 1 in gold and outlined the corners. My new Pottery Pitcher is die cut with Clear Double-Sided Paper on both sides; I wanted to use Silk Microfine Glitter/Solar Gold to color my pitcher.


Step Two

Die cut my Stems/Branches in dark green card stock for the Tulips.  I die cut my Tulip 2 in Soft Finish White 85 lb. card stock and used Copic Markers R14 and R29 to shade my petals.


img_4127I also die cut some Tulip leaves in dark green and shaded the edges with Distress Ink/Forest Green.  The Leafy Branch 5 was die cut in the same Soft Finished White 85 lb. card stock and then colored with Distress Ink/Crushed Olive to act as a filler for the bouquet.

img_4122 img_4123

All leaves were stemmed, using the Leaf Tool on the Leaf Pad and shaped to give dimension.


The Tulip leaves were also shaded with PanPastel/Bright Yellow Green.img_4125

Then fill around the stems.


Step Three

Shape the Tulip petal pieces on the Molding Mat, using the small-end of the Loop Tool.


Use the tweezers to pinch the individual petals at the center.  Use a toothpick to add some Beacon’s Kid Choice glue to the underside of the two-petal piece and lay arose the four-petal piece.  Then, add the calyx in the center and while the flower is on the Molding Mat, use the small ball Stylus to cup the pieces.



Step Four

Use a toothpick to apply some glue on the underside of the flower and place it on one of the stems.  The stamen is die cut in black card stock.  Use a toothpick to apply a small amount of glue to the lower edge and, with the tweezers holding one side, roll the stamen up closed.


Dip the top of the stamen into black “Pollen” and using the tweezers to hold, dip the bottom into the glue and set in place inside the flower.



Repeat with these steps with the remaining four Tulips.

Step Five

I finished off my card by die cutting Suzanne Cannon’s “Peace” in Shimmer Sheetz/Fire Opal Gemstone that has been backed with Clear Double-Sided Paper.

Elizabeth Craft Designs Supply List

Susan’s Garden Notes: Pottery Pitcher (#1294), Tulip 2 (#1296), CountryScapes Rooster/Critter 1 (#989)

Els van de Burgt Studio: Corners 1 (#1124)

Moda Scrap: Leafy Branch 5 (#1319)

Suzanne Cannon QuietFire Designs: Peace (#1238)

Embossing Folder/Bamboo (#E100)

Soft Finish/White 85 lb. card stock (#PSF101)

Soft Finish/LadyBug Red 100 lb. card stock (#PSF115)

Silk Microfine Glitter/Solar Gold (#638)

Shimmer Sheets: Bronze (#SS 0215) and Fire Opal Gemstone (#SS 0218)

PanPastel Set 1/Bright Yellow Green (#30115)

Clear Double Sided Adhesive / 5″ x 12″(#501) and Tape (#506)

Beacon’s Kid’s Choice Glue (#814)

Other Supplies:

Copic Markers, R14 and R29

Ranger Industries Distress Ink: Forest Moss and Crushed Olive