Holidays Are Coming…

Poinsettias are popular Christmas decorations in homes, churches, and elsewhere in North America.  It’s native to Mexico and can be found growing wild in deciduous tropical forests at moderate elevations.  It’s know as “Flor de Noche Buena,” meaning, Christmas Eve Flower!

This past Wednesday on Susan’s Garden Club Live Facebook page, I show how to create this beautiful holiday card.  I was asked if I could step it out and provide a product list.  I am more than happy to do that.


Step One

I like my cards to be 6″ x 6,” cut from 100 lb./270g Soft Finish white cardstock.  I cut the next layer into a 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ square and embossed it with the Berry Branch embossing folder.  I also die cut my Carolina Window out of the 85 lb./230g Soft Finish white  and black glossy cardstock, both backed with Clear Double-sided Adhesive.

Use the glossy black window as a template to trace around on a piece of the Soft Finish cardstock with Clear Double-sided Adhesive.  Use scissors to cut it out

Also, die cut the Poinsettia as shown.  (I used a medium green cardstock and Soft Finish white cardstock in the 85 lb./230g.

Step Two

Creating the “stained glass” window was done by using USArtQuest GildenGlitz.  I peeled the Clear Double-sided Adhesive from the solid window piece and placed bits of multi-colored and gold GildenGlitz on it.  Then, I used a soft brush to smooth the surface.

Use Double-sided tape to adhere the stained glass piece to your project.  Next, add the Carolina Window die cut in white cardstock and finally, the glossy black one.

Step Three

Shade the green leaves on the edges with Distress Ink/Forest Moss, then place them right-side-up on the Leaf Pad and use the Leaf Tool to score a stem line down the center.  Flip the piece over and repeat this scoring.  (This step really accentuates the stem line.) Pinch the leaves in half and use PanPastels/Bright Yellow Green (from Set 1) to shade the stem line.

Do this to the 5-leaf piece, as well as, the three (3) additional leaves die cut in green. Place the pieces, right-side-up on the Leaf Pad and using the Leaf Tool, add vein lines on either side of the stem.

Next, use your tweezers to pinch at the stem line, bringing the fold up, then turn over and place the tip area on the Molding Pad.  Use the Medium Ball Stylus to “scrunch” the tip area so it looks more natural.

Placing the piece right-side-up on the Molding Pad, Use the Medium Ball Stylus to cup the center and add dimension.  For the separate leaves, use the tweezers to pinch the stem are, turn it over and scrunch the tip as you did for the 5-leaf piece.

Use a toothpick, dipped in glue, and place some on the underside of the 5-leaf section.  Adhere this to your project.

Step Four

I colored the white leaves with Copic Markers–First with R29 on the wrong side, then used both R46 and R29 on the right side to shade the leaves.  The steps for creating the stem are the same as the green leaves above, except I used PanPastels/Bright Yellow Green Shade (which can be found in Set 2).

Also, repeat the step above creating vein lines and shaping each leaf.  Use the toothpick to place a small amount of glue on the underside center of the 5-leaf piece and adhere it to the green section on your project.

Use the eight single petals to build the Poinsettia.

Allow the leaves to dry a bit before you add the “bracts” in the center.  I also die cut pieces to create two Small Poinsettias above the larger one.  You assemble these the exact same way as above!

Step Five

The White Pine boughs were created by adhering Clear Double-side Adhesive paper to green cardstock and die cutting one large branch and two small ones.  I peeled off the adhesive paper and use Silk Microfine Glitter/Go to Green to give a sparkly affect.  Dip the ends into glue and tuck under the top and bottom of your Poinsettia spray.

Step Six

For the “Bracts” which are the actual flower of the leaves, I used USArtQuest Prills in Ribbit & Berry Nice. Use a toothpick to apply a small amount of glue in the center of each flower, then sprinkle some Prills into it.

To finish the project, I stamped Suzanne Cannon’s new “merry Christmas” on ModaScrap’s Fishtail Banner.

I hope this gets you started on your holiday cards…it sure is coming up quickly!


Susan’s Garden Notes: Poinsettia (#1090), Small Poinsettia (#1226), White Pine Bough & Pinecones (#1091), and Carolina Window (#1086)

ModaScrap: Stitched Fishtail Banner (#1329)

Berry Branch Embossing Folder (#E103)

Soft Finish White 85 lb./230g Cardstock (#PSF101)

Soft Finish White 100 lb./270g Cardstock (#PSF012)

Pan Pastels Set 1 (#30115) & Set 2(#30116)

Susan’s Garden Tool Kit (#808), Leaf Pad (#811)  & Molding Pad (#809)

Prills Secret Garden & Flower Pot

Beacon Kids Choice Glue

Silk Microfine Glitter #650 G0-To-Green

Clear Double-sided Adhesive Sheets(#502) and Tape (#506)

Other Products

Ranger Distress Ink/Forest Moss

Copic Markers R29 & R46

US ArtQuest GildenGlitz




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