Southern Magnolia, Y’all!

The Southern Magnolia is a tree native to the southeastern United States; from North Carolina to central Florida, and west to eastern Texas and Oklahoma.  It can grow to 50 feet tall and rarely, up to 100 feet!  It’s dark green leaves with a caramel-colored underside are striking against the white, fragrant flowers.  Recently, I was asked to “step-out” this beautiful flower for one of my viewers on FaceBook/Susan’s Garden Club.  I know you’ll love adding it to your bouquets!


Step One

I use Soft Finish White 100 lb./270g cardstock to die cut one of each of the petal sections, two centers, and Soft Finish White 85 lb./230g cardstock to cut 3-5 leaves.

Use PanPastel/Diarylide Yellow to shade the centers of the petal pieces.

Use Copic Markers (Y19 & E31) to color the centers.

Step Two

Place the larger 4-petal piece on the MoldingPad and use the Large Loop Tool or the Medium Ball Stylus to shape the petals.  Next, use the tweezers to pinch the stem ends, transfer this pinch to your opposite thumb and index finger to hold it while you use the tweezers to bend down the outer edges of the petals.

Place the 4-petal piece back on the Molding Pad and use the small ball stylus to cup the center.  Use a toothpick to add a small amount of glue underneath and adhere it to your card.

Repeat these steps for the other two petal pieces.

Build the flower, off-setting the petal pieces as shown.

Step Three

The center is done by placing both pieces, wrong side down, on the Molding Pad and using the Small Loop Tool, shape them.  Use a toothpick to apply glue around the edges of one of the shapes only as shown and adhere the two pieces together, forming a dimensional ovoid piece.

Lightly apply a small amount of glue to this center piece and sprinkle some Pollen over it.

Dip the bottom into the glue and place it in the center of the flower.


I’ve colored the leaves with a combination of Copic Markers and PanPastels, but you could also use a dark green cardstock if you prefer. If you do, still color the underside with the PanPastel/Orange Shade.

I used Copic Markers (G99, G94 & G85) on the right side of the leaf, then dipped it into VersaMark and embossed it with Clear, Fine Embossing Powder.

Next, I color the underside of the leaf, first with Copic Marker E99 and then used PanPastel/Orange Shade to color over the marker.  This step gives it the “suede” look that these leaves have.

Now, place the leaf, right side down, on the Leaf Pad and use the Leaf Tool to score a stem line down the center.  Bend up the the leaf, wrong side first, and shade with PanPastel/Raw Umber, then bend up the leaf, right side up, and shade the stem line on this side.  Place back on the Leaf Pad and use the Leaf Tool to add vein lines out from the stem line.

Lastly, place the leaf on the Molding Pad and use the Medium Ball Stylus to shape the end, as shown. (If this is confusing, I did a video on the leaves on Susan’s Garden Club FaceBook page!)

If you want the green side to show, shape with the green facing down on the mat; for the caramel colored side, shape with the green facing up while you pinch the stem line with the tweezers.  Insert leaves around the flower.

To complete the project, I added some ferns underneath and created berry branches using Tonic’s Nuvo Crystal Drops/Ripened Pumpkin.

I added Suzanne Cannon’s new “Just for You” to finish my project.

I hope this step out helps you construct this beautiful flower; it really is quite impressive!

Elizabeth Craft Designs Products

Susan’s Garden Notes-Magnolia #1142 and Ostrich Fern #1424 (coming soon)

Els van de Burgt Studio – Berry Branch #758

Suzanne Cannon’s “Just for You” #1441

Soft Finish White Cardstock 85 lb./230g #PSF101 and 100 lb./270g #PSF102

Susan’s Garden Tool Kit #808, Molding Pad #809, and Leaf Pad #811

PanPastels Set 1 ##30115 and Set 3 #30117

Beacon Kids Choice! glue

Other Products:

Tonic Nuvo Crystal Drops/Ripened Pumpkin

Copic Markers Y19, E31, G99, G94, and G85 and for the back of the Leaf, E99

Woodland Scenics Pollen/Yellow

Background of the card was done with Ranger’s Distress Ink/Oxides




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