33 thoughts on “Frame It

  1. Thank you for the template instructions and your inspiration! Love those Auburn Pearl Nuvo Crystal Drops and looking forward to your new ergonomic tools this fall!!

  2. Thanks so much Susan…enjoyed the tutorial this morning….who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  3. Loved your video. Your flowers are exquisite in all of your videos. Thanks, for this template, as well! Marsha

  4. Susan, I just found you and your work from the Tonic Facebook group. OMG I just love your flower/frame piece from today. Can’t wait to learn from you to try to build your floral creations. Glad I caught your live tutorial today.

  5. Just got home from work and I’m fixin’ to watch your video. Love the frame finish. As usual, you never disappoint!

  6. I love all your Dies, and your creations Susan. Thank you for the Frame Template.
    Can’t wait to put it to good use!
    With love and hugs. Hilary xxx

  7. If I want to make a 5×7 frame … do I make the shorter side 5” for two and 7” on the shorter side for the other two? You talked about how to adjust the frame width but I missed how to determine the size.

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