Echinacea and Columbine Projects

Whether we’re remembering Summer or looking forward to honoring Autumn, these paper bouquets will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The Echinacea background was actually a photo I took looking up through a beautiful Oak tree that was turning colors. I put the photo in my App, Waterlogue and changed it to a softer, abstract of color to set my flowers on. Whereas, the Columbine’s background is done in Shimmer Powders to give a “Monet” look to the garden. Choosing backgrounds, for me, is just as important as the flowers I put with them. You can see how I did both of these projects on my Facebook page, Susan’s Garden Club video!


Hearty Soft White Clay by KatySue Designs or Amazon, 18 gauge Cloth Wire, and Brusho Powder Watercolor/Burnt Sienna

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