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At the Treehouse

Admittedly, I’m a Navy brat, the fifth of eight children, I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but consider Maryland to be home. It’s where my maternal grandparents bought a farm and where my parents built a home after my father completed his military service.

My background encompasses extensive gardening education through my grandmother and mother; tagging along to their gardening club and hearing how they shared their stories with other gardeners. My grandmother was known for her prize-winning Dahlias and I still have a piece of the original peony she gave me as a wedding gift 52 years ago. It’s been transplanted with every move we’ve made, but hopefully number 17 is our last in North Carolina! I’ve had the opportunity to live throughout the United States, or as a gardener would say, “experience the different growing zones,” and I think my collections reflect that.

I’ve always believed that there is a destiny in our lives, whether it be joys or tragedies. I turn to my art in those times to ground me. My mother, who passed away at the early age of 67, always told me, “a God-given talent is meant to be shared.” I realized that when I loss our daughter, Kelly to breast cancer in 2010, I turned to my garden once more to find that inspiration and to honor both their wishes.

I’m a teacher at heart and love that crafters have not only learned of new flowers from me, but most also call the pieces by their botanical terms-stamens, calyx, filaments, etc. My story continues at Spellbinders Paper Arts with quality products that I am known for and will give you excellent results. I’ve planted this garden for you!

14 thoughts on “About Susan Tierney-Cockburn

  1. 🙂 “a God-given talent is meant to be shared” is my motto for years.I think it’s normal to be so.It’s what we leave behind us.
    I consider myself so lucky: I feel like HOME at Elizabeth Craft Designs ,and it have the Eden Garden

  2. Susan, I bought your I purchased your Sizzix Thinlets 659664 which has a small daffodil and 2 other blooms. I cannot figure out which bits make up each flower and made a request to sizzix for help to which they responded and I quote “Unfortunately, we’ve discontinued this set and no longer have the details of it. We do apologize for the inconvenience”, which I was amazed that a product with their name on could not be of any help. This led me to looking for utubes, blogs etc, and could not find a contact email address for you. I wanted to make these flowers to put on a wedding card – the wedding is being held on Banongil Station VIC Australia – Jan 02 2016 (show garden of daffodils and freesias) maintained by the father of the bride.

    Alas I am stuck. Would you be so kind as to group the dies into sets for me. The placing and rest of the making I can figure out, it is just about which ones go with which. My time is running out. Many thanks in advance.
    Kay Sturgeon, Gol Gol, NSW, Australia

    • I’m not sure what you have bought. The daffodil has a crown, six petals,a stamen and a calyx (base)plus leaves. There should be YouTube videos for all the Sizzix dies that I did. Can you send me photos of what you have?

  3. I just wanted to thank you Susan for sharing your God given talent and your childhood and life with me and others. I, too, have a home in Wilmington NC but spend most of my time in FL. I sure miss Wilmington this time of year when all of the gorgeous azaleas and dogwoods are in bloom.

  4. Susan, I attended the Stamp Escape last weekend and was so happy to meet you and learn from you. This was truly an inspiring class which you shared your love of flowers and life. Thank you

  5. Hi I am new to your blog, love all your flower dies have five now. Would you do a video on how to make your little lady bug I see on the leaves. Thanks for all the videos they sure help making such beautiful flowers with your dies. I just ordered your tool kit can hardly wait for it to come.
    Maxine Truemner London Ontario Canada

  6. I just recently found that I love making felt flowers. I am in desperate search of an old flower die of yours…Susan’s Garden Peony Die by Sizzix, Item #658423. I know that it was made many years ago, and sizzix no longer makes this die. Do you have any leads on where to find one??? I don’t mind it used, or well loved. I just wanna love on one myself too!!

    Thanks for any help you can give me!!

  7. I have just purchased garden notes flowers x 4. I see you have Youtube videos for some of them but I have the Sunflower (video done), Dahlia (cannot find video) and peony I think. Do you have the garden notes flowers on a ?DVD with them all together or is there a place I can find these. Thank you so much Susan

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