Ode to the Chrysanthemum ~ A Tag

Shading Chrysanthemums

This perennial originates from China, where they have been cultivated for over 2,500 years. Chrysanthemums were used medicinally and for flavoring, as well as for ornamental purposes. Notably, the Japanese have adopted chrysanthemums and used them in their art as a symbol of longevity and happiness.

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My opinion is that the chrysanthemum is associated with Autumn as much as the Poinsettia is for Christmas! It’s a sure sign of the season when they show up in the nurseries and grocery stores. This poem is dear to my heart…

“Lo! in the corner yonder,

There is a gleam of white and gold.

The gold of summer’s sunshine,

The white of winter’s cold.

And, laden with spicy colours,

The autumn breezes come.

From nooks and corners, brightened

By the brave chrysanthemum.”

Eben Rexford

For this project, I wanted to share with you how I color and shade white cardstock to get the most natural looking flowers – which is what I’m known for.


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