Ribbon Closure Gift Box

I fell in love of these boxes when I came across them on Pinterest; Jo Blackman, a Stampin Up Rep in the UK created them with such detail and I thought how wonderful they would be with my flowers.

Let’s Get Started

I used a sheet of 12″ x 12″ cardstock in 100 lb./270-300 gsm for the base. You will also need some plain cardstock and double-side paper (DSP) in addition to ribbon.

Jo had all measurements in metric, which most of our trimmers display, but if yours doesn’t, just purchase a metric ruler.

Piece A – Trim the cardstock to 29.75cm x 18cm and Score at 11cm and 22cm along the 29.75cm side, then turn to the 18cm side and Score at 1 cm on both sides.

Piece B – Trim the cardstock to 24cm x 18 xm and Score at 12cm with the 24cm side up, then Score 1cm on all 4 sides.

Piece(s) C – Trim two pieces of carsick to 11cm x 12 xm and Score with the 12cm side up, 1 cm.

After burnishing all score lines you will be trimming corners as shown on Pieces B & C

For Piece A, you will also burnish all score lines. On the flap end, mark the center with a pencil and you will score from the center out to outside as shown. Fold the flaps towards the center and draw a pencil line across to trim above your 11cm score line. Trim with scissors; this will help the flaps to lay flat.

Burnish those folds and trim away the excess 1 cm piece, then angle cut the rest of the flaps as shown. Glue down the flaps, shown above, and the side tabs of the top of the box–this is for aesthetics.

Glue the side pieces to the next section above the front of the box on each side. Repeat with the opposite side. You will also glue down the flap on the front section for aesthetics as shown.

You will need 3 pieces of cardstock trimmed at 15cm x 10cm and 3 pieces of DSP trimmed at 14.5cm x 9.5cm. For the side pieces, you will need 2 pieces of carsick 10cm x 10cm and 2 pieces of DSP 9.5cm x 9.5cm.

Glue the DSP onto the cardstock and adhere to the base; make sure if you have a directional DSP, that you pay attention how the box is constructed and get it facing in the correct way.

This is the front of the box and I made sure my scene is facing correctly.

For the Flap, you will trim a piece of carstock 14cm x 6.5cm and DSP, 13cm x 6 cm. Along the long sides of both of these pieces, mark the center and trim the paper from the center to the bottom points on both sides.

Next, mark the holes for the ribbon before you glue the box sides together. On the sides, you will mark at the center, which will be 5cm and come down 3cm. Use a Crop-a-dile to punch the holes. Repeat for the other side piece.

Glue the side pieces to the box, starting with the back pieces, then do the front. To mark the holes on the flap, which the ribbon threads through to hold the flap down, I use a metric straight edge and mark at 11cm and 5cm as shown.

Use the Crop-a-dile to punch these two holes. Thread the ribbon through, starting from the inside of the front panel, go across to the next hole, pulling it inside, then through the side, across the top of the box and finally through the other side. Before tying it off, make sure you have enough ribbon to provide the handle.

Now, have fun decorating and filling the boxes!

Since my video didn’t not upload, I suggest you go to YouTube and check out Jo Blackman’s video for this Ribbon Closure box!

4 thoughts on “Ribbon Closure Gift Box

  1. I am always in awe as no one creates such beautiful flowers as you do – they are so vivid and life-like – just scrumptious! Thank you for the lovely tutorial on how to do this. What a dynamic design!

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